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Canadian Co-founder and CEO

Unity Labs team consists of a strong technical and business background ranging from experience in cyber security, app development and blockchain implication. We continue to focus on acquiring top talent by creating incredible technology and cultivating a comfortable, open working environment that embraces education and advancement through learning and an easy-going atmosphere. All start-ups claim to have good culture but don’t develop, implement and refine their culture. Unity Labs focus is to define and maintain a revolving, welcoming culture as our company scales. Diversity is a key ingredient to success in todays connected world and we pride ourselves on our rich multi-cultural background, broad industry experience and transparent learning environment. Unity Labs culture is built on team members individual experiences, talent and unique ideas which are contributed every single day. We aim to create a space where ideas can blossom, questions are rewarded, and constructive criticism ignites you. Unity Labs promotes an open and diverse working environment which welcomes people of all races, ethnicities, ages, genders and education levels, this allows us to breed the next generation of cutting edge developers. 

Michael Cameron


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