Why Should You Join Us?

Grow and strengthen your network by connecting with entrepreneurs, professionals and government in PRD region online and offline.


Members: Event tickets at a discounted price

Non-members: Tickets are full price

WeChat Group

Members: Access to members only WeChat group for 3 people

Non-members: N/A




Members: Priority sponsorship opportunities at a discounted price

Non-members: Non-priority sponsorship opportunities at full price



Directory Listing

Members: Listing in the CanCham PRD directory

Non-members: N/A

B2B Referral List

Members: Inclusion on CanCham B2B referral list

Non-members: N/A



Member Profile

Members: Member profile and interview featured on CanCham’s social media

Non-members: N/A


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Memberships start at ¥5000/ Year



“I hope this will help everyone who is new to the group… this PRD chat helped me to connect via simple business focused questions in my post to complete key tasks on which I just needed a helping hand… in less than 3 weeks, I was able to find my first project manager, find an event planner, find a WeChat platform dev team ,and legal contracting services … I don’t believe this group is a job posting forum, political debate forum, complaint forum or “Xuan Yao” (showing off) forum … just my two cents .. I hope it helps … and thanks to everyone who helped me over the last 3 weeks. thanks to Adam and Cameron and the other admins for doing this community service. true north!”